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Get R.E.A.L Roadmapping Engagement

Maybe you don’t know what you want/need. Or maybe you want to test the waters before getting all wet. Whatever the case may be, you know you need to do something for your business, but you’re just not sure what.

Here's what's included:

  • That’s where a Get R.E.A.L Roadmapping Engagement comes in very handy. No big commitment but a whole lotta value.

  • We’ll spend two hours on a Skype call (which can be broken into 2 1-hour calls if you want) and figure out what your goals are, who your ideal client is, where the PR opportunities are, and what needs to happen in order to make all that a reality.

  • I’ll put together a blueprint that you can use as a guide or have me implement.

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About Robin

Robin Taney is the "Get R.E.A.L Girl" from Studio 4 PR. She helps creative, mission-driven business owners get realistic, engaging, authentic, and longlasting (in other words, real) visibility so they can be found by their ideal clients. 

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