Who Are We?

Who are we?

Studio 4 PR is a comprehensive public relations company for creative types and “kitchen table entrepreneurs”. So, whether you're a graphic designer, owner of a boutique, or running your business from your kitchen table, Studio 4 PR has the services you need to put you on the map.

What Do We Do?

Who are we?

We build relationships. Public relations is about connecting people and products with the customers who need them. So, if you're an artist who thinks craft shows are the only way for people to find you, contact Studio 4 PR for a free consultation. And, get ready to get noticed.

How Do We Do It?

How do we do it?

First, we find out who you are and put together a PR plan based on what you want to accomplish. Then we get to work writing press releases and articles about you, booking you for speaking engagements and radio/TV shows, putting together your media kit, and anything else your plan calls for. Get ready for your close up.

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Welcome to Studio 4 PR, the public relations company designed exclusively for creative types and kitchen table entrepreneurs! One of the most intimidating aspects of trying to "break out of your shell" is not knowing whether other people will think your creative form of expression is worth promoting. Is a PR firm who handles celebrities going to give the time of day to the single mom who's making jewelry in her basement studio between juggling a regular job, kids, house, etc? Probably not. Is the big PR firm going to take on the little artist without a hefty retainer? Definitely not.

Studio 4 PR is for you! Get personalized public relations services for a fraction of the cost.

Want to find out more? Take a look around and then contact us for more information.

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Special Thanks…

Anyone who has struggled through the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur knows that having people in your corner who can help you with the stuff you're clueless about is a true blessing. I am deeply indebted to two people who are helping me look really good.

Radiant Webscapes Logo

I was fortunate to find my web designer (Scott Brenner, Founder and President of Radiant Webscapes) through the “Needs and Haves List” at BusinessHelpingBusiness. Scott helped walk me through the technical aspects of getting the right domain name and web hosting package. He then designed and built a great web site that's easy to navigate and pretty to look at.

Eye2Eye Logo

I struck gold a second time with BusinessHelpingBusiness.com when I found my logo designer (Nancy Owyang of Eye 2 Eye Graphics). My original vision for the logo was to play off the “Studio” theme from an artistic standpoint and somehow incorporate that my target audience is creative types of all genres. When she came back with the bird and explained that it was a robin (and I'm a Robin) and that I'm telling people's stories by helping them “break out of their shells”, I realized that she had made an important connection in establishing a brand for Studio 4 PR that I hadn't thought of.

I feel very lucky to have found both Scott and Nancy!